March 2021- Worship Helper Schedule


Sunday, March 07

VPOD- Betsy Bullard, Pete Bourey

A/V-Carrie Henderson, Bob Fay

Altar Guild- Nancy Mathews, Bev Kimbell, Diane



7:45 – Usher-Heather Underwood

Lector-Heather Underwood


9:00-Usher/Greeter-Janie Talbert


10:00-Usher-Harriett and Joe Louis  

Greeter-Jack Benson


Lector-Barbara Dickens

Sunday, March 14  Daylight Savings Time Begins

VPOD-Dave Hilgeman, Betsy Bullard

A/V-Carrie Henderson, Bob Fay

Altar Guild-Marie Bennett, Sue Harrison, Jeanne Browder, Betsy Bullard


7:45 –Usher- Ellen and Jerry Edwards

Lector-Jacquie Olster


9:00Usher/Greeter- Wayne Chandler


10:00-Usher-Kay and Phil Hungerford

Greeter-Jody Sievers


Lector-Janie Talbert


Sunday, March 21  Bishop Lawrence’s Visit

VPOD-Ryan Smith, Dave Hilgeman

A/V-Carrie Henderson, Bob Fay

Altar Guild-Nancy Mathews, Bev Kimbell, Diane Russell


7:45-Usher-Scott Johnson

Lector-Scott Johnson


9:00-Usher/Greeter-Larry Biddle


10:00-Usher-Tracey and Marc Thomas

Greeter-Jimmy Jordan


Cricifer/Lector-Cathy Strite

March 27-April 2021  Worship Helper Schedule


Saturday March 27 at 9:00AM   Making of the palm crosses and preparing the eggs for the Easter egg hunt. Everyone is invited. Coffee and donuts. Jeanne Browder and Mary Kay Naseman will help.



Sunday, March 28   Palm Sunday  3 Services. Donkey will be here all morning.

VPOD-Bev Kimbell, Ryan Smith


Altar Guild-Nancy Mathews,  Bev Kimbell, Diane Russell


7:45 – Usher-Ellen and Jerry Edwards

Crucifer/Lector-Jacquie Olster



9:00 –Greeter-Jimmy Jordan




10:00-Ushers-Tracey and Marc Thomas

Crucifer-Kay Hungerford

            Greeters-Larry Biddle, Lauri Rinskey




Wednesday, March 31 Healing Service  7:00PM  

Usher-Bev Kimbell


Servers-Members of Prayer Team




Thursday, April 1,  Maundy Thursday  7:00PM  Solemn Stripping of the Altar and Foot Washing



Altar Guild- Nancy Mathews, Bev Kimbell, Diane Russell




Ushers-Lauri Rinskey, Janie Talbert

Crucifer-Heather Underwood


Lector-Heather Underwood





Friday, April  02,  Good Friday  12:00 in church   7:00 Stations of the Cross-Online and in Person

12:00 Noon-Lector-Scott Johnson


7:00- Servers-N/A





Saturday, April 03    Holy Saturday Service 3:00   ONLINE



Altar Guild- All members of the Altar Guild are welcome to come to reset the Altar.






Sunday , April 04  Easter Day 7:45 organ music, 9:00 children’s followed by egg hunt, 10:00 with music

Also we will flower the cross outside.

VPOD-Pete Bourey, Bev Kimbell


Altar Guild- Marie Bennett Sue Harrison, Jeanne Browder, Betsy Bullard


7:45-Ushers-Harriette and Joe Louis

Crucifer- Marie Bennett



9:00-Usher/Greeter-Larry Biddle






10:00-Ushers-Barbara and Dave Hilgeman

Crucifer-Tracey Thomas

            Greeters-Kay and Phil Hungerford





Sunday, April 11

VPOD-Gene Pharr, Pete Bourey


Altar Guild- Nancy Mathews, Bev Kimbell, Diane Russell


7:45-Heather Underwood

Lector-Heather Underwood



9:00-Greeter-Wayne Chandler




10:00- Ushers-Kathy and Jack Benson

Greeter-Janie Talbert


Lector-Dee Saddler


Crucifer-Jennifer Bryan




Sunday, April 18

VPOD-Neil Spellerberg, Gene Pharr


Altar Guild- Marie Bennett, Sue Harrison, Jeanne Browder


7:45-Ellen and Jerry Edwards

Lector-Jeff Miller



9:00-Greeter-Janie Talbert




10:00- Ushers-Kay and Phil Hungerford

Greeters-Jody Sievers


Lector-Nancy Mathews


Crucifer-Barbara Dickens




Sunday, April 25

VPOD-Dave Hilgeman, Neil Spellerberg


Altar Guild- Nancy Mathews, Bev Kimbell, Diane Russell


7:45-Usher- Scott Johnson

Lector-Scott Johnson



9:00-Dave Hilgeman




10:00 – Ushers- Harriette and Joe Louis

Greeters-Janie Talbert


Lector-Ginny  Biddle


Crucifer-Marie Bennett