St. Paul's Church Weekly Sermons

Lazarus Come Out

Sun, Jul 08, 2018
Duration:17 mins 36 secs
If You Believe in Jesus Christ; If you repent of Your Sins and Turn away from anything that separates you from God; If You Confess Him as Lord and Savior, and if you’ve Been Baptized and washed clean in water and the Spirit and been made pure by the Blood of the Lamb Jesus; And if you Live Out Your Faith, loving God and loving your neighbor with the love of Jesus; Then one day, you will hear the sound of His voice and you will come out of the grave. There is hope and peace in spite of death. Because of Jesus Christ, you can live knowing that you will never die, you will fall asleep in Christ, but you will enjoy Paradise with Him and with others as you await the Resurrection of the Dead. Death is a reality, but the Resurrection and eternal life is possible through faith in Jesus. Thanks be to God.
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