St. Paul's Church Weekly Sermons

Guide & Helper

Sun, Apr 29, 2018
Duration:25 mins 48 secs
Without the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we are lost. God is a loving God Who wants no one to be lost. If you love God through Jesus by the Holy Spirit, you’re not lost! You might drift until you accept His guidance and help, but you’re not lost. But there are plenty of people who are God uses you and me to minister and share the Gospel to help us guide the lost to Him. If and when He calls you:He will guide you, He will help you, He will NOT set you up to fail if He wants you to do something for Him. Challenge: Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and invest in your relationship with Jesus. Listen for the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Answer the call, receive His Guidance & Help to help guide the lost to Jesus. Give Him glory in whatever you do in His Name. AMEN!
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