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Discipleship, Fellowship and Service Opportunities


A Message from the Pastor:

Deep down we all long to be in community — in community with God and in community with others. Community is where friendships are made, fun times are enjoyed,and fellowship is experienced.  Ministry and service happens in community; worship happens in community. Most  importantly, discipleship happens in community with other believers, with other “disciples”.

Followers of Jesus Christ are called disciples, and they are called by Jesus to study His Word revealed in the Bible.    Discipleship and Bible study is not simply for information.  It ultimately leads to transformation as disciples of Jesus are transformed to be more like Him.

At St. Paul’s Church, we are intentional about discipleship and intentional about communities called “small groups” or “LIFE Groups”.     We  believe  that  discipleship  and community happens best in this environment.  To this end, we have many different opportunities to engage in discipleship in a small group community setting.  No one can participate in all  of  them,  but  everyone  should  prayerfully  consider  participating in one or some of them.  This year, I especially want to challenge you to join a small group so you can grow in your discipleship, participate in fellowship, and find ways to serve and put your faith in action.

Over the past 18 months, social distancing has made community difficult.  Now that gathering in small groups is possible again, I pray that you will find a small group where you can engage in discipleship, have fellowship with the Lord Jesus and other disciples, and find ways to serve the community in the Name of Jesus.  God bless you on the discipleship journey!


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St. Paul’s Church Small Group Schedule

Fall 2021


August 15                                   Sign-up for groups begins

August 29                                   Deadline to sign up

September 1                               Church Family Fellowship                            “Ice Cream  for Dinner” 
                                                      Ice Cream Social

Week of September 5, 12, 19 Group Discipleship

September 29 Church Family Fellowship

Week of October 3, 10, 17 Group Discipleship

October 27 Church Family Fellowship

Week of November 1, 7, 14 Group Discipleship

Week of November 21 Thanksgiving Break (no groups)

Week of November 29 Last week of groups for the semester


To sign up for a small group discipleship study: 

· Fill out a  “Sign Me Up!”  slip and place it in the  offering plate during the worship services; or

· Contact the St. Paul’s Church Office at (843) 248-4706 or stpauls@sccoast.net.

Fill out the form below.

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Book of James
The village ministry
With all of your heart bible study
Just for men bible study
Progressing pilgrims bible study
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James: Eyewitness Bible Series
Growing Slow, by Jennifer Dukes Lee
YouVersion Bible App Discussion
School of Healing Prayer Level 1, by Christian Healing Ministries
Access: Children’s Worship Service
Wednesday Night Buddies Club (ages Infant to K3)
Wednesday Night Friends Club
Kid’s Baptism Class
First Communion Class
Authentic Youth Group: The Book of James
Trail Life USA bible study
Churches Assisting People (CAP)
The Shepherd’s Table ministry
Fostering Hope Inc.
Habitat for Humanity, Waccamaw Youth Center, New Directions